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2013 Summary of Art by Crysenley 2013 Summary of Art by Crysenley
Happy New Year's Eve, everyone! :D

Yeah, I've been kinda... missing in action for the past several months, huh? Oh well, not the first time. :/ Now that I look at my page, I've been a member here for seven years! That's almost a decade, I feel so old! T_T Pfft, I need to stop overreacting.
However, now that I'm on the subject I may as well talk about a little fear I've always had throughout my time here. I was always scared of being banned from dA because of how I disobeyed one of the rules the first day I joined: I was 12 and the site prohibits anyone younger than 13. :XD: I just... always was kinda on edge about all my art and journals on here being deleted just because of that. X'D (Still am... >_>;; ) Of course, I could've just kept lying about my age and carried on with no worries, but I don't like lying. Once a year or so past, I changed my age back (what really scared me when I did that was the site's system automatically going, "??? This contradicts with one of our rules because that would mean you joined too young!").
Ack, this stuff I should save for journals; I need to shut up and get on with it! >_<

So yeah, I'm once again disappointed with my overall proficiency this year, but I guess I did make a couple breakthroughs.. At least there's only a few doodles and unfinished images unlike last time.

January - A commission sample featuring my tree fairy character, Eve. I fail so much at getting the courage to do commissions, or generally any art for others... @ w @ I need to improve on that.
February - Just a doodle. I desaturated the red some here so it's not as eye-blinding. I like her eyes. :meow:
March - I learned so much about effects and contrast and coloring, I almost wanna go back and redo this one!
April - I wanna redo the coloring for her too! But it'd take so long, probably be better if I just move on. :'|
May - I still really like this one, but gosh the contrast! D: I still suck a contrast, though...
June - Around this time was when I learned the magic of ~overlays~. Digital art suddenly got so much easier to get cool colors, funner, and faster~
July - This picture taught me a lot more about  ~overlays~ and other modes and effects I could use.
August - Even though this pic is incomplete in my eyes, it's still probably the best I've made this year. ;v;
September - School started, and I decided to take a Photoshop class. I really didn't know how to use Photoshop, so I'm so grateful for all I learned in it! (This one still had a lot of influence from SAI, though... ^^;) This one is a book cover I made for the first project.
October - The second project that was just so happen due around Halloween. I decided to draw Wrath since she is one of my scariest characters (I guess). :B (Also influenced by SAI...)
November - A trade request that I never finished yet! :crying: Thanks to Photoshop class, I learned what a mask is and how to use it which I did a little bit here (still 100% SAI made, though). Even though I technically started this in July, the coloring and effects were done in November, so there! I was really eager to get the contrast right on this one.
December - Another doodle, but one I used to practice painting on. I'm really happy with the eye on the left. *_*

I'm kinda surprised that there's only two frames related to the Fruit Sprites this time. I hope to have both a better selection and more to choose from next year. :thanks:

Eve, Sam, Palep, Wrath, and art :iconstrawberries777:
Flurry :iconlubia193:
Kenzell Steambot Studios
Snowy the Tiger :icontatynka-g:
Irma the Hedgehog :iconirmath:
Noel Astera A.K.A. Different Amy :iconnacato:
Viewtiful Joe Capcom
Cindy the Cybercat :iconpaperguy87:
Original Template :iconelephantwendigo:

Done with Easy Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop CS6
Orangeandbluecream Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014  Student General Artist
I am still very impressed with May. I really like November and March too. I think I'll do this meme again too. :D
Crysenley Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! Can't wait to see it! :la:
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